i’m so upset

I just realized that the reason ghosts say Boo! is because it’s a latin verb

they’re literally saying ‘I alarm/I am alarming/I do alarm!!

I can’t

present active boōpresent infinitive boāreperfect active boāvīsupine boātum



if it comes from the latin word, they’re actually saying “I’M YELLING!” which is even cuter

do they speak latin because it’s a dead language

get out.

(Source: pidgeling)

i’m about that spiced cider life. happy first day of autumn y’all!

so… this is a thing and u should go because dance music and halloween are both awesome.

spicy black bean life.

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. @willeastman

cheat meal. shake shack. eff yeah.

this is fucking magical.

first time at h street fest. this is gonna be cool.

tortilla soup for lunch.

first dj set outside of college. unforgettable night. highlight of the evening was being told by someone that i reminded them of clubbing in the underground clubs in europe. #blessed #tbt (photo courtesy of @theglenn69)

hey. watching dexter and eating popcorn. come on over.


how the turntables

this is how djs talk when they become supervillains.

my #wcw this week is kitty henry: a girl i have argued with more than i care to remember, but we’ve had an incredible friendship and she is honestly someone i consider a dear friend. 🍔🍔🍕🍕🍕🍟🍟🍔🍔 that means i love u in fat kid.

the zacheser block party: ep. 8. 

the newest episode of the zacheser block party is now up. this mix features edits by claptone, booka shade, french horn rebellion, snbrn, miami horror and more. visit my soundcloud for the free download.

grilled mozzarella caprese for lunch. om nom nom.

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