in a sleeping bag made for two. much snuggle. many warm.

blissed out, bro. #goodvibes #obx #family #vacation

beach house chillin. wu tang plays in the distance.

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies trailer #1.

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b-e-l-i-e-v-einsomethingbetter asked:
you are so cute!


lcd soundsystem@msg nyc, 2011 (by Julie Simon)


my favorite lyric from talk dirty is “but your booty don’t need explaining” because i really like to imagine a booty that NEEDS explaining. imagine jason derulo bewildered by a booty, going “someone really needs to account for this”



both shirts: Target (Mossimo) XXL

left pants: Sam’s Club ( Nicole Miller New York) 18

right pants: Target (Pure Energy) 18 w

left shoes: J. C. Penny (Stacy Adams)

right shoes: Florsheim

fashion goals.

what? is this even food? hmm… idk guys. something tells me that this stuff on my fork can’t be trusted. #vacation #obx

wassup bae.

i somehow saw this coming: staying in a room in the outer banks and my little brother sees that there’s two beds and four people. thank god i brought a sleeping bag and a pillow.

not too bad.

nothin like startin’ ur holiday crammed in the backseat of a car.

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