Thea + Cody [Teaser] Secret House on the Rock Wedding from Jakfoto Films on Vimeo.

This is what flawless music and infectiousness and loveliness can be.

Tired. Gotta pull a double tomorrow. Gonna drift off to sleep. Dream about giant fucking robots beating up giant fucking monsters. Night. Auf wiedersehen.

I never thought I could sustain an erection for two hours.


Then I saw Pacific Rim.

There is a car who gets more respect than any female character.

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Justin Timberlake | “Suit and Tie (Four Tet Remix)”

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Alter Egos

Illustrated by Coran “Kizer” Stone

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Oh. My. Crap. My body type according to this is “Clark Kent.” #SCORE.

  • Not feminism: Oh my God, that woman is wearing make-up and high heels! She can't be a feminist. She's just adhering to the patriarchal expectations of femininity! What a traitor to her gender.
  • Not feminism: I hate men! Women are so much better than men! All men are rapists and we don't need their help! Men are just there to oppress us and keep us down! Women are the superior gender.
  • Not feminism: You're giving up your career to have a baby? You're being dictated to by a man! That's the wrong choice! You've slept with twenty men? Wow, way to show that you have no respect for yourself.
  • Feminism: Women and men are equal. No-one should be discriminated against on the basis of their gender. Women have the right to decide how to live their life, how to dress, what to do with their body and who to love.
15,677 plays Black and Gold Sam Sparrow Black and Gold

Sam Sparro | “Black and Gold”

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RDGLDGRN @ Warped Tour ‘13.


This man, James Verone, robbed a bank for one dollar. Why only one dollar? Because he knew that in prison he could get the medical care he could not afford with his part time salary as a convenience store clerk. He was approved for food stamps, but they did little to help his finances. Between his back problems, carpel tunnel, and arthritis, he simply couldn’t handle the pain any longer.

On June 9th, he sent a letter to his local paper, the Gaston Gazette, that stated: “When you receive this a bank robbery will have been committed by me. this robbery is being committed by me for one dollar. I am of sound mind but not so much sound body.”

He then took a cab to the RBC Bank, and handed the teller a note asking for one dollar and medical attention. He quietly took a seat in the lobby and waited for police to arrive.

Since Verone only stole one dollar, he was only charged with larceny. His bail, which he doesn’t plan to pay is set at $2,000, reduced from the normal $100,000. He’s scheduled to see a doctor this Friday, and hopes to get foot surgery, back surgery and to have a protrusion on his check treated.   

To me, this is the perfect example of how disturbingly corrupt and unjust our health care system has become under HMO’s. For this man, or any person for that matter, feels that he needs to be imprisoned just to see a doctor, is ridiculous. 

This is exactly what I hate about America. Why is it that you can buy an entire house with money you don’t have, but still can’t apply for health care if you don’t meet the requirements? That’s messed up.

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