Plastic Soul - YACHT

James Murphy is releasing more new material in 2014 including a live album of the Final Show.




2,291 plays All My Friends LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends

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737 plays Okay Holy Ghost! Dynamics

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Don’t worry about the new stuff; just try to play the good stuff.
James Murphy when I asked him for advice as an up-and-coming DJ.


Yr city’s a sucker. My city’s a creep. #DFA #JAMESMURPHY #930CLUB.

A certain someone bought a ticket to see James Murphy at the 9:30 Club in DC this Friday.

Anyone else going…?

579 plays Gabriel (Soulwax Remix) Joe Goddard Remixes II

Shit Robot, We Got a Love (feat. Reggie Watts). ERMAHGERD, guise.


Hot Chip, I Feel Better (Live in Sydney). 

Not the first time I’ve posted this song. Mainly because I fucking love it.

And when it feels real, nothing can hold me back.

LCD Soundsystem, Bye Bye Bayou

Just ordered this from DFA because they found some leftover LPs from the release they did for Record Store Day in 2009. So groovy. The vibes. Can’t handle it.

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