Started listening to ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Josh Groban.

Kevin the Roommate started singing along. YOL Josh Groban Style O.

A “Kevin the Roommate” Appreciation Post.
  1. He lathers Pop Tarts in butter.
  2. He is convinced that my shoes are his shoes regardless of whether or not they’re actually his.
  3. If you think your dad loves football, get a load of this guy.
  4. He was convinced that Leo and Kate’s characters in Titanic were real and not fictional. He then started to question whether or not the Titanic actually sank.
  5. Drinks a box of Franzia every weekend despite the fact it led to one of his only hangovers.
  6. Eats with his mouth open. You tell him not to. He says okay. He doesn’t follow through. You kill him. He comes back to life. Franzia is apparently a nuclear bi-product that results in the re-animation of the dead.
  7. Favorite phrases: “Let’s go buck wild!”; “Nuh-uh”; “Hufflepuff!”; “You can’t handle my lumps.”
  8. His wallet is one of the velcro ones. It’s adorable.
  9. He watched The Hunger Games and was confused as to why there was food in the movie.
  10. Oh - the derpy laughter.
  11. He smoked all of his pot, got high, and then thought someone stole his stash the next morning.
  12. Me:"Kevin - that t-shirt is really tight." Kevin:"No it’s not. I got it in my size in the Youth section at Target."
  13. His favorite movie is Thankskilling. He has even donated money to get a sequel made.
  14. One time he used a shot glass to melt butter for popcorn he just made.
  15. He plans on driving cross-country when he graduates. With $160.
I’m not saying that now would be a good time to masturbate…

…considering my roommate walked in. And he’s chewing loudly. That smacking is killing my boner. Had he decided to chew with his mouth closed, there may have still been a chance. This is no longer the case.

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